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The Pitcairn Family Search Page

It would be impracticable to expect anyone to enter a site such as this hoping that they would be able to find the information they require by simply checking all the families and pages. To help with locating individuals or places, we have included this search page.

You can enter as much or as little information as you like, but remember the returned results will depend upon the scope of the search requested. The easiest way to work within search criteria is to think of a simple scenario; if you visited a library and asked the librarian if they had any book on sports cars, they would take you to the area containing all the topics covered by that subject. However, if you asked the librarian if they had any books on the F1 McLaren, they would take you to the exact book.

In other words, by searching for "John" you will obtain a huge list of returns and have to check each and every one in the hope of finding the one you were looking for. But if on the other hand you searches for "John William Pitcairn" the returns would be much smaller and therefore easier to check.

The search can be for any section of the families contained herein, such as dates or place names, please remember, that some of the dates are circa and that older place names might be spelt differently than they are now known by, as they have been taken from original sources.

Have fun searching through the Family Branches, and please notify us via the contact page, should you have any questions or problems using the search facility.     

Please be aware that this search engine is only a very basic tool at the moment; it is our intention to eventually make this more exact in its results. It may well be difficult to use for now as it only displays where the name or date can be found in the general index of the individual families. 


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