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The Pitcairn Family Help Page

It has been our intention to keep the information contained herein very simple. This is not meant as an insult to those with the IT knowledge but merely to allow everyone, no matter what you capabilities are with this darn computer.

Along the top of each page you will see links such as "Help", click the left hand button once on the subject that you wish to see and the page should appear beneath. Notice how we say should, this is because different download times may effect how quickly the page is viewed. This is another reason why we have kept the site relatively easy to view, to try at least to minimize download times.

On the left hand side you will notice the Main Family Branch titles. FB1 relates to the Mainline Pitcairn Family and lists all those individuals who are contained therein. Because the family is so big, it was thought best to split the sub families in to relevant branches, not only does it allow easier browsing and record management, but once you are familiar with the process, you will, we hope, agree that it make much more sense than having just one big confusing family.

If you know where your own family fits into the mainline, then this would be the quickest way to identify your family. Locate the main branch line member and follow their family back or forward, which ever is your desire.

On the other hand you may be like the rest of us mortals and have no idea where or how your own families ancestors fit into this melting pot. Easy, go to the search page at the top of this page and look for the search option (small box you can enter text in). put in your name or that of one of your known ancestors and press submit. You will then be presented with a list of matches to that name. From here you will hopefully be able to identify the individual you were seeking. If there is more than one response, check them out by clicking on the relevant name and seeing their personal details. If they are not for the correct person, click "back" on your internet browser and it will take you back to the results list, then just try another one.

If you happen to know an event date, for example your grandfather's year of birth, type in the date and click submit, again you will be presented with a list of matches to that date. Don't be surprised if there are more than entry for a particular date, remember this is a big family and there was always a lot going on.

Should you encounter any real difficulties or need assistance on this site, please use the contact page to get in contact with us and we will endeavor to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Just remember to keep it simple, you can print of any of your results or individuals details so that you can build your own family history. Should you wish to have anything added to the site, again use the contacts page to pass the information on and we will try to include it on the next update.

Should you be interested in obtaining a copy of any record shown on this site that is marked with a *, then please take a note of the documents identification number and go to the certificates page. These certificates can be ordered online, however, we will not be able to accept payment via the internet as yet. Being Scottish we are a bit more canny about our money. Please visit this page to find out how to order and the pricing structure for the various documents available.