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Family Trees

A General Information Point: Before you start to download and begin the research please please remember that all the information contained herein is liable to change. Genealogy is NOT an exact science. We have done our best to ensure that it is as accurate as possible. However if new information comes to light the relevant individual and family details will be changed!!

As discussed in the help page, it is not our intention to make life too easy for everyone wanting to trace their family, It makes the joy of success much more gratifying when you have solved your own puzzles!

However, we do realise that we designed these Family Branches and it would be ludicrous to expect everyone to know their way around and to work out where and when their own family fits into the big picture. Bearing this in mind it was thought prudent to include copies of all the family trees for download. Please be aware that these files are saved as Excel Spreadsheets, should you have any difficulties in opening the files please contact us and we will try to solve the problem by hook or by crook.

To obtain the relevant Family Tree, right click the corresponding Family Branch button and  click "Save Target As", a separate window will open asking you to give the location of where you would like to save it. Please remember where you save it as believe it or not, sometimes its hard to remember once the download is complete. 

In any event there are ten family Branches in total, however due to the number of family members it was decided to breakdown some of the larger families into smaller sub-families as is obvious when you look on the left hand border and view the extent of Family Branch 8. 

All the top line individuals are the link to the previous family and all of them end up back on Family Branch 1, which as previously stated, is the main line Pitcairn Family. So for example, when you view Family Branch 1, you will see "John Pitcairn of Unstoun, died 1652" above his name on the Tree you will see a reference to another Family Tree that of (Family Branch) F.B.  8 . This tells you that if you want to look at the descendants of John Pitcairn, you will need to go to F.B. 8  and follow his family through that line. The same rule applies for working backwards through the families, understanding that the top individual shown on the Tree refers back to their originating family.

If you would like to download or view the relevant all the available Family Trees please click the link below:





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