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21st in descent
B. 11 Dec 1745 at Cloon, Ireland Ref.
M. 25 Sep 1775 at Chilton Foliot Ref.
D. 7 May 1792 at Spitafields, London Ref.
Daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Mallam
B. 22 Feb 1757 at Chilton Foliot Ref.
D. at Ref.
Other Marriages. Link:
James b. 18 Jul 1776 at Little Bedwin County, England
Elizabeth Frances b. 19 Oct 1777 at Kintbury, England
Joseph Axford b. 3 Mar 1779 at Kintbury, England
Robert Edward  b. 29 Apr 1780 at Kintbury, England
William b. 21 Dec 1781 at Kintbury, England
Denne Catherine b. 10 Jul 1783 at Christ Church, England
Harriet Jane b. 29 Feb 1785 at Christ Church, England
Eupheme b.  23 Dec 1787 at St James Clerkenwell, England


The Rev Robert Pitcairn, Vicar of Englishcombe, twenty-first in descent, was the eldest son of the Rev James Pitcairn of that Ilk, Prebendary of Exeter, Rector of Compton Bassett and West Kington.

Robert went to Oxford, and an extract made by John Griffiths, M.A. Keeper of the Archives, states that in “1764 Aprilis 11 Mert. Robertus Pitcairn 18, son of Jacobis Pitcairn de West Kington Coun. Wilt. matriculated and took the degree of B.A. at Balliol, Oct. 17, 1768, Cler.fil.”

Robert Pitcairn of the Parish of Hungerford, in the County of Berks, and Denne Mallam, of the Parish of Chilton Foliot, were married in the Parish Church of Chilton Foliot by Licence25 September 1775.   Robert Pitcairn was thirty years of age when he married and his wife eighteen.

Robert Pitcairn was considered a first-rate preacher – in fact, he would not have been chosen as one of the select preachers at Greyfriars if he had not been eloquent.  About ten years after his marriage he was given the living of Englishcombe in Somersetshire; but he did not hold it long, as he died at the comparatively early age of forty-seven.  H died on the 7th May 1792, and was buried in the church at Spitafields, in his own vault beneath the altar, with two of his children.  Three of his children, two boys and a girl, died young.

His voice was very fine one, and people are said to have gone to Spring Gardens Chapel on purpose to hear him read the “Lord’s Prayer,” as he was supposed to read it very beautifully.  His son William used to tell of a miraculous escape from death by lightning that his father had.   “He was sitting in his study one day during a thunderstorm.  The house was struck by lightning, and the wall of the room he was in was split and pushed out, the electric fluid going into the earth.  His watch, which was in his `fob,` was melted, also his knee buckle at the side next the injured wall; he was stunned but not otherwise injured.”

Mrs Pitcairn was early left a widow to mourn her husband’s loss.  She seems to have been a very sweet, as well as a very religious woman.  There is a miniature of her.   She was very good, and her sons were devoted to her.

Three of his children, two boys and a girl, died young. Joseph Axford died September 25 1780 and Denne Catherine died 18 March 1784.



PFH: Constance Pitcairn & Retours 1739 C/P 186